LED Phototherapy is kind of fashion beauty item. The LED Phototherapy is popular at it’s function of Anti – Aging, Skin Rejuvenation, Acne Removal, Daily Beauty and Skin Care by different color of LEDS, such as; Red, Green, IR, Yellow and so on, the most important that the LED Phototherapy will help to make sure the absorption of skin cream and cosmetic’s essence.

Screen and Color:



1. 8 inch big touch colorful screen, easy to operate.

2. 7 kinds of lights: Red, Blue, Yellow,Red+blue, Red+yellow, Blue+yellow, Red+blue+yellow

3. Total 1080pcs lights, with very good quality, 2 years no need to change. 4. Big energy and strong penetrating power

5.The curative cost of PDT is lower than IPL and Laser

6. Best effect, with short course(20mins), but high cure rate.


1) Remove freckles, sunburn, pigmentation, reduce solar damaged skin.

2) Cure whelk, acne, and hair follicle inflammation

3) Improve the expansion of the erythema of Erythema acne and blood capillary.

4) Wrinkles removal, skin tighten and anti-aging.

5) Narrow the bulky pore, improve rough skin

6) Eliminate fatigue, improve sleep, relieve pressure, especially suitable for the sub-healthy crowds.



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