Liposonix Machine for Sale BM609

Body Slimming System


Energy power 30~75J/cm2 (adjustable)
Energy level 5 continuously adjustable
Frequency 4MHz
Cartridge Line Shots Max 576 shots
Treatment head’s shots 525shots
Depth 8mm &13 mm
Input voltage <580VA
N.W. 38* (1±15%)kg
Machine size 650 mm (W)*710mm (L)*1240mm (H)
Heating temperature 5 0 ℃ ~ 72 ℃

It is the final dream for every woman to have a slim body. And most of people want to lose their weight by all kinds of methods, for example, being on the diet, doing more exercises. However, they may get the result that they have not an even body. After experiencing unhappy thing, are you depressed with other body slimming devices?Liposonix Machine BM 609

Our company produces better liposonix machine, which can not only resolve your uneven body, but also can give you slim and sexual body. Comparing with other devices or traditional methods, our liposonix machine pays attention to the whole body and it can improve the condition where your body is uneven. Necessarily to say, it can adjust your whole body and you can succeed in holding a slim body.

Treatment Theory of Our Liposonix Device
Our company has a new breakthrough in body slimming machine. We adopt the non-invasive technology, which is regarded as the first- class technology in the world and it can be used in the following parts of the body, for example, butt, legs, arms, belly and so on.

Colorful Screen

Liposonix Machine BM 609

Technical Advantages of Our Liposonix Machine
1. The design of our probes, which have the function of user defined. That is to say that it adopts the circular output system and the customers can scan different parts of the body to achieve the purpose of losing weight.
2. Precise treatment system. Before treating, we will make a mark on the body of the customers, which can give you 100% accuracy.
3. Unique non-invasive hifu technology, which can not only reach the goal of losing weight but also keeping skin rejuvenation. It can penetrate into the depth of the skin about 1.3mm and damage the fat tissue under the skin. Besides, it can stimulate the regrowth of the collagen and fast make up the gap after melting the fat. Finally you will have a smooth and refresh skin.

Some Details about Our Machine

Liposonix Machine BM609

Advantages and Functions of Liposonix Equipment
1. Non-invasive technology.
2. More safe without surgery.
3. More stable without anxiety.
4. More compact without damage.
5. More comfortable without injection.

All in all, our company offers customers better liposonix machine and we can provide customer the price of liposonix machine. You do not worry about liposonix machine cost and we can give you discount at important festival. If you want to hold a slim body, please leave your contact information.

Application of Hifu Liposonix Slimming Machine

1. Weight loss butt.
2. Weight loss belly.
3. Weight loss legs.
4. Weight loss arms.
5. Weight loss face without running away necessary fat.
6. Weight loss waist.


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