Introduction of Semiconductor Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine


Hora: 2017-10-25

Semiconductor laser hair removal machine is a non-invasive hair removal treatment method, which applies for the hair removal of all kinds of body parts, such as the lips, arms, armpit, legs, thigh, bikinis, hands, feet etc, and it is applicable for people of all skin colors and type. At the same time, semiconductor laser hair removal instrument has adjustable pulse width, energy and irradiation time, and clinicians can adjust it according to different hair depilation conditions and requirements. Furthermore, it is equipped with synchronous cooling system, which makes the depilation process much more comfortable.

diode laser hair removal machine BM100

Features and Characteristics
1. The hairy situation can be fundamentally improved with the treatment, and it can basically achieve no growth, and there only preserves a little hair.
2. Semiconductor laser hair removal machine has small side effects, and users can go to work directly after treatment, which will not affect one’s normal life.
3. Only a small number of people has aslight of redness and swelling after treatment, but it will recover in a few hours.

Semiconductor laser hair removal machine will not burn the skin, and it only damages the hair follicle structure to realize hair removal effect. The treatment process is very simple and convenient. Of course, users should take certain protective measures to ensure good treatment effect and protect your skin.

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