Introduction of Bestview Skin Rejuvenation Machine


Hora: 2018-03-08

As time went by, many traces of the time in our face will always be unexpected; sun spots will come to in summer. They want to wear a beautiful dress, which can make hair extra for original and elegant dress add a bit less. This is an unacceptable reality for many people in the modern society. Now we Bestview Group produce this higher beauty technology, which makes it possible for us to control the appearance of the problem.

This is a great honor for us; because the beauty of the most pragmatic approach can help us to solve the skin aging, pigmentation, hair weight the problem, so that what we can see is your latest changes.

The complementary advantages of it fully absorb the combined light and RF energy, selective use of light absorption by skin impedance between the target tissue and normal skin and strengthen the absorption of RF energy in the target tissue. Strength is lower. Greatly eliminating the side effect of thermal effect of light is too strong, which can cause discomfort and customer at the same time. The treatment head surface contact cooling technology to eliminate the thermal effect due to IPL caused by too and increase the skin impedance, reduce the absorption of skin RF, is efficacy and safety are greatly improved, and the light target organization can achieve the same effect.

This is the E light system. Tender skin. Combined with the advantages of light and radio frequency technology, the selective absorption and preheating of skin and the difference of skin impedance are used to induce the absorption of radio frequency wave by target tissue under low light intensity. Wrinkle, pull, lift.E light on the basis of the IPL with RF technology, the ideal temperature to provide the deep dermis with heat effect of electromagnetic wave and IPL, play a role in the entire dermis and connective tissue, stimulate collagen fibers, so as to enhance facial wrinkle, noninvasive lift effect. Dispel the deep spots and remove the epidermis. The combination of IPL and RF technology, that is, E light, provides the ideal temperature rise of deep dermis by electromagnetic wave and IPL thermal effect. It plays an important role in the whole dermis and connective tissue, and stimulates collagen proliferation at different depths.

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