E-Light+RF+Q Switch Nd Yag Laser Machine BW189

Multi-function Machine


Power 3000W
Electricity 220/110V, 50/60HZ
Screen Size 10.4 inches
Water volume 4L
Dimension 118*63*69cm(host machine)
35*27*45cm(accessory box)
Gross weight 63kg(host machine)
6.1kg(accessory box)
Hair removal 640nm
Skin rejuvenation 530nm
Pigmentation therapy 530nm
Vascular therapy 480nm
Acne therapy 690nm
Wrinkles removal 590nm

With the advancement of the society, more and more people seek for perfect devices for improving their external appearance. Some people think that they are so busy without a lot of time to care for their appearance, and they often seek for help from professional beauty center or salons. Bestview Group is such a company that offers multiple function equipment for sale for spa or beauty center owners.E Light+RF+Q Switch Nd Yag Laser machineBestview Group offers all types of beauty machines for sale with over 30 years history, and our company produces professional beauty machines with high quality and offers better service. Especially, our company makes multiple function machine that is E-Light+RF+Q switch ND YAG laser machine BW 189, which is a very popular machine at home and abroad. This multiple function machine adopts three principles to effectively achieve different functions, such as hair removal, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, acne removel etc. First of all, we will basically introduce the principle of e-light, secondly, rf and finally laser.

The Treatment Principle of E-Light(Hair Removal)

E-Light machine can emit different wavelengths, broad spectrum and intense pulsed light, and IT finally act at the skin dermis. It makes full use of selective light absorption of melanin in hair follicles as well as using optical and thermal effects, which can rapidly destroy hair follicle tissue and achieve the purpose of removing their undesired hair.

Operation Screen

3 in 1 machine BW189

Five filters for different functions

  1. Hair removal: 640nm.
  2. Rejuvenation, pigmentation: Filter 530nm.
  3. Vascular treatment: Filter 480nm.
  4. Elimination of wrinkles: 590nm.
  5. Acneremoval: 690nm.

Functions and Advantages

  1. Wide scope of application, such as the removal of unwanted hair, age spots, vascular, pigmentation, acne.
  2. Effective cooling system, multiple languages for choice, such as English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese etc.
  3. Adjustable voltage 110v or 220v.

Machine Detail

E Light+RF+Q Switch Nd Yag laser machine cost

The Treatment Principle of ND YAG Laser(Tattoo Removal)

Yag laser machine for sale adopts the Q switch mode, which can break the pigment and the centralized high energy can emit suddenly, which makes laser wave penetrate into the certain structure and breaks the irrelevant pigments quickly. Finally, the new collagen fibers and elastic fibers will regrow and reorder.

Functions and advantages

  1. Remove pigment, freckles, age spots, sunburn etc.
  2. Remove tattoos, eyebrow, lip hyperplasia, eyeliner and lip.
  3. Get rid of all kinds of nevus.
  4. Whiten skin, shrink pores and remove black nose.

BW189 Treatment ApplicationBW189 treatment application

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The Working Principle of RF

Radio frequency can penetrate into the barrier of basal epidermis melanin cells, and it can make the temperature of dermis collagen fiber rise to 55 to 65 degrees, which can shrink collagen fibers, and lift the wrinkled and sagging skin with three probes. Finally it can achieve the goal of removing unwanted hair.


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