Double-handle Diode Laser Machine BM-101

Hair Removal System


Power 3000W
Voltage 220V/110V, 50V/60HZ
Handle number 2 (Super power handle+Normal power handle)
Screen size 15 inches
Spot size Super: 20*20mm
Normal: 16*14mm
Fast hair removal
Energy 1~100J/cm2
Cooling mode Contact cooling
Normal mode
Fluence 1~160J/cm2
Pulse 10~350ms
Frequency 1~8HZ

When the summer is around the corner, most of the people may want to hide or remove their unwanted hair in public, especially in some tropical and subtropical countries. However, most of people are not satisfied with the removal effect of some home hair removal equipment. At this time, they may want to buy some professional hair removal machine or seek for help from large beauty salons. Bestview Group is such a company that aims to provide high quality beauty machine for home users or business investors.double-handle diode laser hair removal machineBestview, as one of the best beauty equipment manufacturers, can offer you better hair removal machine. Bestview Group makes the following hair removal machines, such as ipl machine BW-185, ipl shr machine BW186, ipl shr machine BW-187, especially double-handle diode laser machine BM101, and diode laser machine BM100 and so forth. Necessarily to say, our company produces double-handle diode laser hair removal machine BM-101, which is a special hair removal machine with advanced hair removal treatment technology.

Operation Screen of BM101

operation screen of BM101

The Principle of Double-handle Diode Laser Machine BM-101

Double-handle diode laser machine BM-101 has double treatment heads, which is an effective laser hair depilation machine. Besides, double-handle diode laser machine BM-101 adopts 808nm wavelength, and it can efficiently  penetrate into the epidermis and destroy the hair follicle in a short time, which can ensure the safety of treatment because it will not damage the surrounding normal skin. What derserves to be mentioned is that the hair removal effect of BM101 can last 1 to 3 years, or even longer.

Hair Removal Effect

hair removal before and after

So, if your friends or you are interested in our hair removal machine BM101 for individual or business application, please leave your contact info and we are 24 hours online for your service.


The Functions and Advantages of Double-handle Hair Removal Machine

  1. Effectively remove the following parts of the body, such as lips, arms, chest, bikini, back, legs, underarms, abdomen, and beard.
  2. Strictly secure detection before application.
  3. Portably high-efficiency double-handle diode laser machine- normal and super power handle.
  4. Rapidly comfortable treatment during the process.
  5. Completely remove hair of different colors, for example, red hair, black hair, brown hair, and so on.
  6. Needlessly to choose follow-up care.
  7. Comfortably safe treatment with no side effect.
  8. Convenient maintenance that we can promise.
  9. Stable energy and adjustable voltage in the operation.
  10. Short treatment time for about 20-30 minutes for single period.

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